Sarasota County School District Grant Approval
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
1) Do I need to submit an eGAF for every proposal? I thought it was just for large ones or for those that get funded.
2) Why do I need to submit an eGAF when I just submitted the same information in my proposal?
3) What happens if I don’t submit an eGAF?
4) Will the funder see this eGAF?
5) What happens to an eGAF once it is submitted?
6) Which administrators approve larger grants?
7) What happens if an administrator has a question or concern about my project? What happens if my eGAF is denied?
8) I am leaving my school, what happens to the stuff I purchased with grant funds?
9) What are the technical requirements for the eGAF system?
10) Who should I contact if I have questions or run into technical problems?